Planning Alert !!!

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Lochwinnoch Community Council has received notice that Leith Planning Investments (Lochwinnoch) Ltd are intending to lodge an application with Renfrewshire Council to build houses on the area behind the current houses on the East side of Johnshill, opposite Crawfurds View to the View Point car park.

Their map shows that the proposed development will stretch from the rear gardens of the houses on the Johnshill to the boundary of Parkhill Woods, to just short of Gates Road and to the boundary of Beech Burn.

If granted, the proposal would ride a coach and horses through the Green Belt that currently protects Lochwinnoch from this type of undesirable development and would be a green light to other developers to lodge similar applications at several other parts of the village.

Lochwinnoch Community Council is very concerned by what is being proposed for numerous reasons, including:


a)    breach of the protective Green Belt;

b)    destruction of the village “envelope” that defines our village;

c)    increased pressure on our sewage system, and

d)    increased traffic flow through the village.


These are only a few of the potential problems associated with such a development.

When an applicant submits a “Proposal of Application Notice” or “POAN” to the local authority for such a large development, planning law also requires the applicant to hold a public event so that the local community can have its say.  This will be in the form of an exhibition and is due to be held on:

Wednesday 7th September


The McKillop Institute

2pm – 7pm 

This event is important, as the developer must include the results of the event with any future application. It is not unknown for some developers to take a poor turnout as proof that the community is quite happy with the proposals. If you have concerns about these proposals make sure that you, your family and friends make time to go along and express them.

Should the applicant proceed with a full application, Objectors would be required to make their objections formally to Renfrewshire Council. Lochwinnoch Community Council will keep you informed.

Lochwinnoch Community Council