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Armistice Day 100th Commemoration 2018

Lochwinnoch Xmas Lights Society had been working on trying to do something for the 100 year Armistice Day Commemoration. The funds to do this coming from local donations to the Xmas Lights fund. 

We had been working on a plan to surprise the village with lights on the trees around the Cenotaph, but with that option being taken away with the recent cutting down of the cherry trees, we had very little time to come up with an alternative. 

We contacted the company we purchase our Xmas Lights from. They were very helpful and advised of this poppy light design and we thought it was perfect for Auld Simon. 

We urgently ordered the motif, and to our delight it arrived on time. 

We kept this all very quiet and told no-one about our plans as we didn’t want to have another disappointment. But as you can now see our plan came together and we have such a wonderful image. All thanks to the kindness of our own community. 

We then looked for help to get this installed. We once again got the help of John P Wallace and John Flood, who have been there to support us with our Xmas Lights switch-on since our group started. These two people have given us great advice and support over the years and worked very hard for us yet again. They were as pleased as we were when we switched on and saw the result.

We are delighted our plan came together in time and we want to say thank you to everyone who donated money and have continued to support us.

This display is a credit to the people of Lochwinnoch. 

Thanks again to all. 

Christine Gibson and Jane Owens 

Lochwinnoch Xmas Lights Society 

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