The new Community Council is now up and running. We ended up with 17 members, pretty good by any standards. I'm the chairperson (Dave Mellor), secretary is Lindsey Duncan and treasurer is Liz Walker. Contact us through email lochwinnochvillagecouncil@gmail.com  We'll be posting more information about the members, and their particular interests, as soon as we can.  

We are currently working on establishing priority issues to focus on. Among them are - Local Development Planning, Burnfoot Rd, the McKillop (refurbishment), the Parish Church closure, Local Transport, Climate Emergency Action. We're also going to make sure that Lochwinnoch makes good and fair use of any community funds that are available and will be finding out what the village needs in this regard.

The new Community Noticeboard (outside the McKillop) will carry all our information as well as posters displayed around the village, on this website and our Facebook page.

The duplication of Chatterbox and Community Council Newsletter will end and Community Council news will be incorporated into Chatterbox.

CC meetings will continue to be on the first Tuesday of each month in the Bowling Club (from 7.30) and we look forward to having a good attendance from the village each time.

Welcome to the Lochwinnoch Community Council Website.

You can now keep track of what the Community Council is doing and be able to keep up to date with local news items and upcoming events around Lochwinnoch. You are warmly invited to attend all community council meetings held in Lochwinnoch Bowling Club at 7.30pm. Dates of this year's meetings are noted below. The agenda for the next meeting is HERE. Police and elected members will provide updates at the meeting.

Minutes will be uploaded after they have been approved.

CC Meetings 2019/20

Tue 5th November

Tue 3rd December

Tue 7th January

Tue 4th February

You can contact us here

Archive of news items



Latest CC News

Lochwinnoch Community Council 2019 Elections

Notice of Election Result 2019

A737 Road Closure

A737 Road Closure – Roadhead to Clerksbridge Toll. Click above for details.

St Vincent's

St Vincent's Hospice Sponsored Walk

August CC Newsletter

Click above to view

Lochwinnoch Community Council 2019 Elections

This year’s elections are from Monday 12th August to the closing date of Friday 13th September. Click above for details.

Youth Fund

Celebrating Renfrewshire, Renfrewshire Council’s youth fund. Click above to view more details.

Trunk Roadworks / Road Closures

Trunk Roadworks – Notification from Renfrewshire Council 27th June 2019

Stewart Milne Homes – Briary Dale (Burnfoot Road)

Public Exhibition of their proposals. Click above to view more details

June CC Newsletter

Click above to view

Ashrona Application Refused

Ashrona planning application 18/0836/PP refused. Click above to view the reasons.

Ashrona Site Visit

LCC letter to Head of Planning re Ashrona Site Visit and his email reply and attached documents


New funding opportunities for community projects

May CC Newsletter

Click above to view

Roadworks / Road Closure

Click above to view

April CC Newsletter

Click above to view

March CC Newsletter

Click above to view

Renfrewshire Council Budget

Renfrewshire Council Team Brief on Renfrewshire Council Budget 2019-20

McKillop Hall

Budget Proposal for funding for the McKillop Hall

February CC Newsletter

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Lochwinnoch’s Scone-Noisseur of the World Contest

Sunday 17th March 2019 - Click above to find out more

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