Agenda for next meeting.

All interested individuals or organisations are invited to attend. 


Tuesday 5th December 2017 at 7:30pm Lochwinnoch Bowling Club   

1. Welcome, introductions and intimations of AOCB   

2. Apologies 

3. Approval of Minutes from previous Ordinary Meeting on 7th November 2017  

4. Matters Arising from previous minutes  

5. Police Report

6. Secretary's Report

7. Treasurers Report

8. RCCF Report from D Fowles

9. Reports from Renfrewshire Councillors  -(including Roland Muirhead proposal from Cllr Doig)

10. Planning Convenor's Report

11. AOCB from members of the public

12. AOCB from CC members-

      -Jane Owens - Lights in the Public Park

      -Sybil Simpson - Corsefield Road

      -Morag Thow - LCC Logo entries from Primary School

      -Morag Thow - Lochwinnoch Dementia Friendly project

      -Morag Thow - Lochwinnoch Arts Festival

      -Jim Bryden - Friends of the McKillop

      -Yvonne Ross - Rolling Action Log

12. Date of next meeting - Tuesday 9th January 2018

Lochwinnoch - Village of Culture and Heritage