You can email the Community Council via this email address. Your email will be directed to the appropriate councillor

icon_ppl.jpg Davie Arthur, Chair

icon_ppl.jpg Duncan Adam

icon_ppl.jpg Jim Bryden

icon_ppl.jpg Stan Kerr

icon_ppl.jpg Morag Thow, Vice Chair

icon_ppl.jpg Morna Coote

icon_ppl.jpg Sybil Simpson

icon_ppl.jpg Kerry MacKendrick

icon_ppl.jpg Jane Owens, Treasurer

icon_ppl.jpg David Bain

icon_ppl.jpg David Fowles

icon_ppl.jpg Cathie McLachlan

icon_ppl.jpg Yvonne Ross, Secretary

icon_ppl.jpg Christine Brown

icon_ppl.jpg Christine Gibson

icon_ppl.jpg Jack Richmond